20 years ago, we came to the gathering place of bamboo, Chu San. With a beautiful vision and a fondness for bamboo, we started to build a Bamboo haven.
Not only was bamboo described with unwavering elegance in the scholars of old, it is also used in the daily lives of regular Joes. Early bamboo wares are often roughly hewn and cobbled together roughly making it harder to use them for a long time or keep them for posterity. For this reason, Pu Yuan's attempted to combine the traditional material bamboo with high tech manufacturing method by using laminated bamboo to manufacture furniture. This endeavor could not compete with traditional wooden furniture because of the comparatively high cost involved.

Despite early setback, Pu Yuan has kept bamboo dear to our hearts. Starting ten years ago, we started using different species of bamboo, utilizing a variety of manufacturing techniques such as weaving, sculpting, splitting and laminating combining with natural bamboo to create different items used around the house. With our line of bamboo lambs, blinds, tea sets, flower pots, office supplies, even extending to garden art pieces, floor boards, wall boards, ceiling panels, we hope this will lead to a trend of natural decoration in the near future.

Notably, our laborious work of the last ten years has begun to bear fruit. Pu Yuan's bamboo ware has received High Honors presented by the “Taiwan National Handcraft Institute” in the “Handcraft of Daily Life” exhibition.



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