Mutli-Holed structure
Because of bamboo's unique structures as a plant, when bamboo are carbonized, they created a unique structure that is filled with holes that are 2-3 mils in diameter that is invisible to the naked eye. With the help of electronic microscope, we know are able to see these chambers.

Because of this structure, 1 mg of carbonized bamboo could have over 300 square meter of surface area which is the equivalent of a tennis court.

These surface area form tiny chambers that filters out harmful materials that tend to be larger in air or in water.


Make tap water into mountain spring water by purifying and releasing natural minerals:
The special multi-holed structure of carbonized bamboo acts as a powerful sponge is able to filter out the chlorine and bleach or even other heavy metal that might be in the tap water supply to purify the water. Furthermore, by releasing iron and other natural minerals in the bamboo, you can magically transform tap water into mountain spring water.

Negative Ions:
Carbonized bamboo also releases negative ions just as many trees do in the forest, so not only is the air going to be clean, it will also feel refreshing.

Carbonized bamboo is made under extremely high temperature the result of which is that they also releases long wavelength infrared rays that stimulates the metabolism to help the body cleanse itself of undesirable materials.

Like any other carbon or coal, carbonized bamboo also can eliminated the excess moisture in the air when it is humid and naturally releases some of it when the temperature gets dry

Economical and Useful:
Coal has long been used as filters, and de-humidifiers. Our carbonized bamboo used all natural material, it is useful for de-humidifying and filtering, it also absorbs odor, and keep thins fresh longer. Just try it, and you will fall in love with it.

Please wash carbonized bamboo and then put in boiling water for 10-15 minutes, wait till bamboo is dried naturally before using.
PS: Repeat above step 2-3 times per month will increase the effect and useful life of this product.

This item is used in:

• Drinking water: using 2-3 pieces per liter, put bamboo in water containers. Bamboo will effectively absorb the impurities in water and melt the minerals, making water taste better. (2-3 months)

• Rice Pot: After washing the rice, put bamboo on top of the rice before putting it into the rice pot, it will make rice taste better, and could stop rice from oxidizing and look yellow, or have weird smell the next day. (2-3 months)

• Refrigerator, Rice Container: Place 2-4 pieces of bamboo in the refrigerator will eliminate the unpleasant smells better than baking powder and will keep the vegetables fresher. Place 1-2 bamboo in the rice container will keep it fresher longer. (about an year)

• Deep Frying Pot: Place completely dried bamboo in a deep frying pot will make the fried items crunchier and taste better, while keeping the oil so it won’t turn sour. (3-4 times)

• Bathtub: Place this product in bathtub will de-mineralize the water making it easier on the skin, also, the coal will absorb the impurities in water and keep the bathtub cleaner. (3-500 grams, 4-6 months)

• Vase, Fishbowl: putting 1-2 pieces of this product in vases and fishbowls have the effect of killing the micro organisms in the water and slow down the rate water decays. Keeping the flowers fresh longer, and retard micro organism growth in the fishbowls. (2-4 months)

odor sucking coal fairy:Foot odor usually comes from moisture in the shoes that breed different kind of bacteria. Using of this product will eliminate odor, kill bacteria, Take item out of package and de-humidify your shoe.


Take item out of package, put in shoes when not wearing, will keep show dry and eliminate odor, works better if you put product under the sun 1-2 times a week.
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Carbonized Bamboo Shoe Stuff
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